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Work at Essence

Essence is one of the world’s leading advertising agencies. Their success comes from a special cocktail of extensive personal and professional investment in their employees and an open, quirky, and driven office culture.

Director and Producer: Jordan Olshansky
Director of Photography: Dana Kupper

Editor: Ryan Buckley

Location Sound: Haresh Patel, Phil Shipman, Hyun Lee, Tong Wai See, Max Hirtenstein, and Brett Brooke
Sound Mix: Jeremiah Moore

Color Grading: Ryan Buckley
Animation: Yankee Peddler
Associate Producer: Emmet Shipway
Assistant Director/ Additional Filming:  Ryan Buckley

Additional Editing: Mark Winters, Emmet Shipway
Client: Kalpita Patel

PA/ DIT: Emmet Shipway

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