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An award-winning documentary short, Eugene, is a last-days confessional of a man who died alone in his tent in San Francisco’s Presidio. Known around the area as “Buddy,” he and his cat Trouble were a common sight panhandling on Chestnut Street, his good cheer masking a painful and damning secret about his past.  Winner of the best short documentary awards at the Phoenix Film Festival and the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, Eugene was eligible for an Academy Award in 2014. 

Directed, Produced and Shot by: Jordan Olshansky and Jason Stanfield

Edited by: Jordan Olshansky and Spencer Sachs

Producer and Location Sound: Nancy Miller

Colorist: Tyler Roth

Original Score: Emoto Music

Composer: Paul Bessenbacher

Executive Music Producer: Paul Schultz

Music Supervisor/Producer: Lindsay Froemke

Mix Engineer: Will Hampton

“Man in Me” Written by: Ben Fuller

“Man in Me” Performed by: Birds of London

Sound Editor: Dean Martin Hovey

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