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Navitas Organics: Superfoods with Purpose

True Stories had the honor of bringing to life the story of Navitas Organics, a brand that truly embodies their mission of superfoods with purpose. Navitas’ commitment to the farmers around the globe who grow their products, as well as to the earth, the health of their customers, and the well-being of their employees, is an inspiration. We were humbled by the words of co-founder Meg Adelman, "It’s hard to express in words how moved we were to see our brand story so beautifully depicted on film. The True Stories team are the perfect partners to tell a story woven in heart, purpose, and intention." 

Director/ Producer: Jordan Olshansky

DP: Andy Quinn

Producer: Casey Daigle

AC/ DIT: Emmet Shipway

Location Sound: Omid Amjadi

Hair & Makeup: Carina Garcia

Editor: Emmet Shipway

Sound Design: Emmet Shipway

Color Grading: Emmet Shipway

Clients: Meg Adelman, Marie Heier, Judy Hemming, Max Darcey

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