Why True Stories

True Stories is a contemporary documentary production and qualitative research company that believes in the beautiful power of authentic connection delivered through the craft of storytelling. Our world-class team passionately makes content and conducts research and strategy projects that resonate  on  a  deep emotional level, changing perceptions and driving people to act. This is our story.

Director/ Producer: Jordan Olshansky

Directors of Photography: Dana Kupper, Andy Quinn, Ryan Buckley

Editor: Emmet Shipway

Location Sound:  Tong Wai See

Animation: Yankee Peddler

Assistant Director: Ryan Buckley

PA/ DIT: Emmet Shipway

We Believe. 


- That people need authentic human connection more than ever.

- That inspiring, real stories have a greater chance of resonating.

- That good data should always be complemented by powerful intuition.

- That being strategic and being creative are not mutually exclusive.

- That you don’t need a huge budget or a giant team to do amazing work.

- That there should be a healthy tension between grit and beauty.

- That collaboration is central to success.

- That you should get enormous value out of your project.

- That our reputation and our relationships are our most valuable assets.

Our Approach.


- Assemble the perfect team for the job.

- Begin with strategies, hypotheses, ideas, and lots of research.

- Develop a treatment and a style that fits the objectives.

- Tirelessly search for inspiring, articulate, charismatic and representative subjects.

- Follow emotion, curiosity, tension, insight and beauty.

- Document with the utmost care and with minimal interference.

- Labor mightily over the gathered material.

- Find the thread that gives everyone goosebumps.

- Leverage the archive beyond the primary objectives.

- Overdeliver. Learn and improve. Repeat.

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